"I cannot thank you enough for such an incredible presentation!!! Our crowd was young and boisterous and you still managed to keep their attention better than anyone I have seen. I am so grateful to you and everyone was raving about what a success this birthday party was!!! I cannot recommend your presentation enough and want you to know that you are an absolute treasure......your passion for your field comes through in such a beautiful way!!!"
-Heidi and Ryder

"Terrific! 4 STARS!! The dinosaur lady (Connie Burton Burkhart) was at a birthday party we attended this past weekend and she was really terrific. I wanted to let you all know about her in case you are planning a birthday party for a dinosaur lover sometime soon. She is probably best for the 5-7 year old age group, but our party was mostly 3 and 4 year olds and she held their attention just fine -- as well as all the adults! She brought a ton of fossils and described how you find and extract dinosaur bones (she's a paleontologist who has been doing it in the field for years), talked about different dinosaurs, and brought a dino-related craft. She was funny and interactive -- a mom of 4 grown kids herself!"     

~ Jessica H. 

"Connie,  Thanks so much for a great birthday party.  The kids loved it and the parents thought it was great and educational.  You really kept their attention for a long time.  Also thanks for being so easy to work with!"   

~  Alicia  P.